Argentine Tango

I have been exploring Argentine tango continuously since 1998. My core interest today is prototyping new social and educational formats for tango that allow for people to more consistently experience connection with themselves, one another, and the larger community. I'm exploring the role of dimensions such as explicit intention-setting, music/sound/stillness, symmetry, role-switching, solos/pairs/trios, peer-learning, time-of-day, duration, and footwear/attire, in supporting the emergence of a cocreative social field. I'm interested in social/format adaptations that may allow non-Argentines to connect more readily with the power of tango.  

In 2008 I co-founded Oxygen Tango, a learning ecosystem dedicated to improvised, social tango in Los Angeles. In 2011 I co-established the Tango Challenge, a course dedicated to helping beginners experience harmony in their first few months in Tango. Below you can get a taste of learning experiences I have facilitated; improvised performances I've had the joy to share; projects I'm happy to have contributed to.  


Gallery of learning experiences I have facilitated:

I have specifically facilitated tango learning in women-only settings in many ways and developed resources for women in tango: 

More Creations/Co-Creations/Evolving Projects: 

Partial List of Tango Events/Workshops I Have Facilitated:

  • San Francisco Tango Exchange - presenter

  • Tango de los Muertos (Boston) - facilitator

  • The Tango Teacher Co-Op (Minneapolis)

  • San Francisco Tango Marathon - moderator

  • The Heartland Tango Festival - teacher, performer

  • The Baltimore Tango Solstice - teacher

  • Stone Soup Tangotopia - facilitator, teacher

  • CONNECT (Ashland) - lecturer, teaching facilitator

  • LA Tango Marathon - DJ, panelist

  • Portland Tango Festival - instructor, performer

  • The Houston Tango Festival - facilitator, performer

  • The Denver Tango Festival - instructor

  • The Albuquerque Tango Festival - instructor

  • The San Diego Tango Festival (2012-2017) - beginner bootcamp, performer

  • Kansas City Spring Fling - instructor

  • Caltech Tango Club - instructor, advisor

  • Google - tango instructor

  • The Princeton Club of Southern California - instructor

  • The Ford Theater - arts engagement facilitator

  • Cross Campus - instructor/facilitator