Mitra Martin is a researcher and learning designer based in Los Angeles. She carries out qualitative research projects to support the development of strategic communications for cultural change initiatives. 

She collaborates with educators to develop and test new learning patterns. She is a skillful, heart-centered facilitator and presenter. Mitra is an accomplished follower and leader of improvised Argentine Tango and co-founder of Oxygen Tango. She is a graduate of Princeton University. 


Gallery of learning experiences facilitated by Mitra Martin

Gallery of improvised Argentine tango performances

Some Creations/Co-Creations/Evolving Projects: 

Partial List of Tango Events/Workshops Facilitated by Mitra Martin: 

  • San Francisco Tango Exchange - presenter
  • Tango de los Muertos (Boston) - facilitator
  • The Tango Teacher Co-Op (Minneapolis) 
  • San Francisco Tango Marathon - moderator
  • The Heartland Tango Festival - teacher, performer
  • The Baltimore Tango Solstice - teacher
  • Stone Soup Tangotopia - facilitator, teacher
  • CONNECT (Ashland) - lecturer, teaching facilitator
  • LA Tango Marathon - DJ, panelist
  • Portland Tango Festival - instructor, performer
  • The Houston Tango Festival - facilitator, performer
  • The Denver Tango Festival - instructor
  • The Albuquerque Tango Festival - instructor
  • The San Diego Tango Festival (2012-2017) - beginner bootcamp, performer
  • Kansas City Spring Fling - instructor
  • Caltech Tango Club - instructor
  • Google - tango instructor
  • The Princeton Club of Souther California - instructor
  • The Ford Theater - arts engagement facilitator
  • Cross Campus - instructor/facilitator