Mitra Martin partners with social innovators to support cultural change work. Services include:

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Research: Competitive Audit, Secondary Research, Qualitative Research (Interviews, Focus Groups, Ethnography), UX Research, Co-Creative Research

Strategy: Insights-Driven Brand Strategy Development, Marketing Strategy 

Training: Online Qualitative Research Interviewing Skills Training, Online Peer-to-Peer Learning Training, Online Insights Activation Journeys

Facilitation: Innovation Workshops, Intention Setting Workshops, Co-Creation Workshops

Mitra learned brand strategy at Bright Sun Consulting in New York City and qualitative research at Hall and Partners in Los Angeles. She was a professional Tango dancer and arts educator for 10 years and established Oxygen Tango, where she launched learning innovations now being used around the country, including the Tango Challenge (TM). She has facilitated learning for Google, CalTech, and Ford Theaters. She continues to train teachers, and teach at special events around the US. Mitra is a graduate of Princeton University with honors.