Peer-To-Peer Learning

Bootcamp that used a peer-to-peer strategy. Video: Andrei Andreev

Peer-to-Peer Learning Experience Design (LXD) Training

What is it?

Consultative training via online video to help you see easy new ways you can leverage the power of peer-to-peer learning in your community.  

Who is it for?

Community managers/organizers, teachers, curriculum designers, aspiring organizers

What will I get?

An understanding of the elements that make peer-to-peer learning work:

  • How to document your curriculum for P2P (easier than you think!), or build on existing open source materials

  • Nuts and bolts of how to start, and sustain, an in-person or online learning lab event 

  • Range of strategies for pairing community members up

  • How to facilitate asynchronous peer-to-peer learning

  • How to connect peer-partners in ways that foster action and accountability

  • How to set up and run an effective buddy system

  • Free tools that can support managing and administrating your P2P program

  • How to invite your community members into the world of P2P

Benefits of peer-to-peer learning

  • Foster connection between community members

  • Cheaper and simpler than creating additional programming

  • Remove administrative hassle from peer to peer faciltiation you already do

  • Fun way to help community members become more accountable to one another

  • Help members develop better practice habits and skills

  • Increase the value they get from the community

  • Increase sense of ownership and commitment to the group

How will it work?

  • We'll meet for 1-hour online 1:1 consultative training conversations scheduled at your convenience

  • Simply book a time on my online scheduler

  • You may submit payment after you book via an online link I send you. Choose:  

    • $120 for a single session

    • $550 for 5 sessions ($500/session)

    • $990 for 10 sessions ($99/session)  

  • Bring all your questions about learning experience design and p2p learning to our session! 

About This Work

The training I offer provides a set of frameworks, practices, and tools to facilitate a flourishing peer-learning ecosystem. My work comes working closely with adult learners for fifteen years to co-create new learning formats, including establishing and directing an innovative and thriving school in Los Angeles, Oxygen Tango. During this period, I discovered firsthand the power, fun, and variety of peer-to-peer learning formats and the many benefits they bring. I can help you get started with: 

Learning Cohorts

Learning Cohort.jpg

The purpose of a Learning Cohorts is to create a social field that allows each learner to feel connected with themselves, with one another, and with the larger community as they learn. 

Buddy Systems

Learning Labs

Buddy Systems.jpg

Buddy Systems are a structured form of peer-mentoring that help new learners become integrated into a new community. These are augmented by Peer Practice, which pairs cohort members with one another.  

In Learning Labs, we pair up learners, optimizing for asymmetric levels. Each person spends 2 shifts learning, 2 shifts teaching. A documented curriculum of micro-lessons (missions) is provided, and facilitators troubleshoot.