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Photo By Jordan Ecarnacao

Photo By Jordan Ecarnacao

I help organizations serve their current and future audiences through qualitative research and training.

Results take the form of actionable insights driving innovative new products, services, and experiences — and, just as important, new cultural DNA created through the new kinds of connections that are forged during the research process. 

My work combines the best of tried-and-true qualitative research methods from a decade as a research and insights strategist, with participatory methods derived from a decade as an arts educator. 

I believe that the complex problems we confront both as organizations and larger collectives need fresh approaches that help us think truly different thoughts and have truly new experiences. Research can be a catalyst to look at the world, and one another, with fresh eyes. I help companies maximize this opportunity. 

My services include: 

Learning Labs

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Learning Labs are participatory workshops to guide the design process. In a learning lab, team members engage directly in facilitated discussion with users/customers. 


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In Co-Interviews, customers who co-use a product "interview" each other on a topic using a simple peer-learning format, while a researcher or team member observes. The focus is for each to learn how the other approaches the co-used product.

Mirror Groups

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Mirror Groups: a brief conventional focus group followed by a participatory workshop in which respondents meet 1:1 with team members for structured explorations.   

Benefits of co-creative research: 

  • Access deeper, subtler insights, intuition and creativity during the research event

  • Ensures a more even playing field for intraverted/inner-directed participants to contribute ideas — no "dominating" respondents

  • Get more out of a discussion guide by turning it into a peer-to-peer learning curriculum

  • Forges direct, immediate, empathic connections between team and those they create for

  • Helps team members develop valuable set of new culture-building skills, related to asking and listening

  • A way to make ongoing research pleasant and affordable

In addition to these formats, I am fluent in Focus Groups, Ethnographic/In-Context Research, In-Depth Interviewing and have the capability to design and deliver projects that incorporate both time-tested methodologies and co-creative approaches. I am a seasoned and context-sensitive moderator and interviewer, comfortable facilitating connection with people of all ages, ranks, cultural backgrounds, expertise levels.

To help insights come alive within organizations, I augment rich storytelling with a Peer-to-Peer Learning Curriculum that invites a team or cohort into a generative social field to co-creatively explore the implications of research in fresh, personally meaningful, potent ways that can drive actual change.

I always enjoy connecting with insights professionals. Please feel free to reach out to me.