Insights Journey Training

Many educational and social sector brands under-leverage marketing research because of its cost and complexity. This training provides your team with essential qualitative research techniques so that your branding and marketing can connect with your current and prospective stakeholders. Incorporating insights from customer research into your platform will help your organization grow, expand, and activate its social mission.  

What is it?

A mini research study for your organization, that doubles as training for your team on how to use basic marketing research grow your brand. 

What will I get?

  • A research study comprised of one online remote focus group and 6 video-based in-depth interviews with your target audience including all recordings and transcripts 
  • A set of insights and implications addressing research objectives that you outline 
  • Professional development enabling your team members to carry out small research studies (sampling, screening, recruiting, interviewing, analysis)
  • Deepen skills that foster curiosity, listening, and empathy toward users/stakeholders within your group
  • A "research bento" (self-contained system) that enables your team to carry out research whenever it would be helpful — including cutting edge tools for professional researchers use to recruit and manage research participants, hold/record online groups and interviews, document fieldwork, collaborate on analysis and interpretation, and socialize research findings.

How will it work?

Team members will learn qualitative research skills by actually carrying out a small marketing research study. They will see firsthand how a study is designed and implemented, and they will carry out practice interviews with peers as well as real interviews with recruited research participants. They will collaborate to interpret the findings and emerge with a set of implications and recommendations. 

  • Strategy Session (1 hour) - Consultative session to define mini research study that will address your organization's needs and objectives. Recruitment begins. 

  • Research Design Crash Course (1 hour) - Online group session on qualitative basics, study design and setup, and interviewing basics. Practice interviews with peer partners take place between sessions. 

  • Remote Focus Group (2 hours) - An online, Zoom-based focus group professionally moderated by the trainer for the first hour. Trainees are paired with research participants for 1:1 interviews in breakout rooms for second hour. 

  • Interview Skills Deep-Dive (1 hour) - Online group session on discussion guides, interview skills and preparation, and analysis/interpretation. Research interviews with recruited research participants take place between sessions.

  • Analysis & Interpretation Training (90 minutes) - Online group session to share learnings and co-create key findings, implications and recommendations. 

  • Insights Activation (1 hour) - Consultative session to review project and create insights activation plan. 

A typical qualitative insights journey

Qual Insights Journey.jpg

What is required?

A micro qualitative study comprised of one (1) 2-hour remote focus group and 6 60-minute video-based in-depth interviews that trains your team in a simple system they can use to carry out research anytime will take 12 weeks and cost $14,000. This includes recruitment, incentives, videos, transcripts, and all facilitation. 

For reference: Conventional focus groups without a training component costs around $6000-7000/group and in-depth interviews ordinarily cost about $1000-$1200. Conventional qualitative research training starts at $4000-5000 per trainee for 3 days of training. This package offers exceptional value because we care about mission-driven organizations and want them to thrive, and be equipped to do mission-critical research to fuel growth.  

Please consider the following questions and then reach out to schedule time to connect. 

  • What is your current business/organizational challenge? 
  • What burning questions would you like the research study to address?  
  • What is the profile of the people your organization serves (e.g., any thoughts on your target audience)? 
  • How many people on your team will be available for the Insights Journey Training? The program is designed for 6, but can be adapted to slightly smaller or larger teams. 

I look forward to developing this journey together. Please contact me using the below to develop the possibilties.