Time Travel Interview

Explore: What wisdom does "the future you" already have? How can we bring it back to the present?

1. Get ready to time travel
- Think about an area of your life you're curious about - it could be work, relationships, family, where you live, art, or all of it!
- Choose a time horizon that feels big, but imaginable - 5, 10, 25, 30, 50 years? A timespan where you expect things to change a lot for you.

2. How it works
- Quick checkins, and decide on roles and time allocations
- Interviewee is from a specific year in the future
- Interviewer asks about what happened since now
- If helpful, take 2-3 minutes timed stillness to prepare for interview
- Interview lasts about 8-10 minutes (timed by interviewer)

3. Ideas for questions to ask:
- Proud achievements, feelings and qualities experienced, surprises, key collaborators
- Detailed questions, follow-up questions, e.g., "What was the thing that led to that?"
- 2 minutes of timed stillness to let it all sink in
- 5-8 minutes of timed generative dialogue
- Switch, or plan the next one