Third Thing Dialogue

Purpose: To access open and deep dialogue through the lens of a another voice.

1. Select a "third thing" for the session

  • You are welcome to bring a piece that reaches you and is alive for you right now.

  • It could be passage from a poetic, philosophy or spiritual text - not longer than about half a page.

  • It could also be a piece of music, a video, or an artwork.

2. Select, read, marinade, still, share

  • When you meet, choose together which text you'll use.

  • If either person feels triggered then choose something else.

  • Read aloud together, switching each line/paragraph/stanza - if you wish. If it's not text, each person can explore the music/video/art piece in their own way for a period of time.

  • Then take 2 minutes of timed stillness to connect with intuition.

  • Each partner has 3-5 minutes (timed) to share personal responses - images, feelings, gestures. You may also share how it relates to your life.

  • Enjoy 15-20 minutes of timed generative dialogue about  and its relation to what wants to the emergence of planetary era qualities.

The idea for this mission came from Chapter 6 of Parker Palmer's beautiful book, "A Hidden Wholeness."