See What I Made, See Me

Purpose: Create a context that allows someone to be seen

How it works

  • Decide which partner will be sharing, which will be listening

  • Decide how you will apportion the time and whether there is time for a switch of roles. Allocating 30 minutes to per share may be a good starting point.

    • As  the sharing partner...

      • Tell the story of how it came into being and how they made it

      • Show something you have made/created that is alive for you - e.g., it could be a website, a piece of text, a photograph or piece of art, an interior design, an experience, etc. anything!

  • As the listening partner...

    • Focus on your heart and listen for feelings your heart perceives in them

    • Don't change the subject. Don't say "that reminds me of..."

    • Share what you are noticing as you explore what they made, which could include forms, connections, a feeling/mood, an spirit/essence

Here are some questions that may support the experience:

  • What sparked you to make this?

  • Where did you begin?

  • How did you choose that tool?

  • What was it like when you were making it?

  • How was it to start? How did your experience change as you continued?

  • How long did it take?

  • Who else was involved? How?

  • Was there a part where you felt stuck? How did you deal with that?

  • Is there a part that feels incomplete to you?

  • What resources helped you?

  • What was behind the choice to do it that way?