Purpose: Help your partner access new insight on a complex situation by centering their challenge in your attention.

Before the session

Choose any situation from your life that:

  • Feels alive for you

  • You can talk about in concrete and specific terms

  • In which you are the main protagonist

  • You feel some uncertainty or confusion

  • Can be shared in under 10 minutes

During the session

  • Start with quick check-ins and decide roles and time allocations

    • Focus person share their situation

    • Listener is in charge of timekeeping

  • 10 minutes (timed) - Focus person shares their story/challenge/unresolved situation

  • 3 mins (timed) - Stillness where both focus on intuition. Journalling or sketching if helpful.

  • 5 mins (timed) - Listener mirrors back feelings, images, sensations, gestures, postures that came up. No advice :)

  • 10-20 mins (timed) - Generative dialogue: both explore ideas that are coming up

  • If there's time, you may want to switch roles — or you could do that in a future session.

  • Appreciation and closing, plan for next session.

I first encountered this approach when I did u.Lab at the Presencing Institute. Here is some information about what they call "Case Clinics."