Ask the I Ching

I Ching Consultations with Mitra Martin

Learning to improvise your life means true openness and trust. With practice it can bring us into a moment-to-moment presence that allows spirit to flow through and into all we do. I invite you to connect with a source of improvised co-creation.


What Is The I Ching?

The I Ching is a spiritual path that is centered on co-creation. It doesn't exist without the practitioner's vivid involvement as an equal partner in meaning-making. It is a conversation with an endlessly friendly, generous and wise spirit.

When you formulate a question, you open a door in your heart. When, with your own hands, you generate an answer, you receive an otherwordly gift - one that opens your mind quantumly to that which would have been beyond the scope of your imagination.

When you contemplate on the gift you received and let it reverberate through all your soul you find yourself changing. When you do this over and over through your life, you find your way - or, as the I Ching would say, the Way.


My Experience with the I Ching

I discovered the I Ching in 1998 when I trying to find my way, living alone for the first time in Manhattan. I read in Lewis Hyde's book, "Trickster Makes this World," about how John Cage used to use the I Ching to generate musical melodies. That sounded interesting so I got the Ritsema and Karcher concordance and started using it. Thousands of divinations later, I now have a collection of six translations, two favorite methods for consulting the oracle, and just a deep, deep appreciation for all that this friendly spirit has brought to my life. I am still very new to consulting for others, but I've done a few for friends and family and their feedback has encouraged me to offer these more broadly. 

An I Ching Consultation

Together, we can enter into a dialogue with the I Ching around a question that you would like to generate new perspectives on. 

We'll start by exploring your situation and articulating a clear, written-down question. 

Then, we'll do a chance operation that will generate the answer, which takes the form of an image and poetic texts. We'll explore various translations of these ancient poems and use them as a touchstone to gain new perspective on your situation.

Whatever your beliefs or doubts, you will certainly receive a new way of looking at your situation. 

I Ching consultations are best one-one-one, in-person and I ideally like doing them in a private outdoor setting, and can also be done online. I suggest allocating about 2 hours.