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Why don't education brands do insights-driven branding?

I have a foot in two worlds. On the one hand, I'm an artist and arts educator, designing and facilitating learning experiences that transform learners and their relationships with one another and the world.

On the other hand, I'm a brand and marketing strategist, using insights from qualitative research to help companies connect more easily with their audience. 

Recently, I've been struck by how few educators use the power of qualitative research to inform their branding and marketing activities. There are many reasons why they don't use these tools. There may be a cultural bias against marketing research. But often, it comes down to lack of time, money, and skills. 

To address this need, I developed a simple, lightweight basic research skills training to help non-profits and mission-driven educators learn how to interview prospective learners so they can build stronger brands.

If you have an incredible, transformative learning offering, course, certificate program or degree and are wondering why people aren't banging down your door to enroll, the issues may lie in your branding, marketing, or website. Please reach out if you'd like to get your team trained in how to easily integrate a baseline of friendly marketing research into your work.