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Campus Tango Club Survey

I believe that a healthy, vibrant network of campus tango clubs are essential to the future of Argentine Tango in the US. Please complete the survey below so we can understand how to serve them.  

Campus clubs were a huge part of my undergraduate experience. Tango wasn't at Princeton yet when I was there, but I was involved in several theater clubs. Part of the strength and resiliency of these theater clubs came from networks of alumni that supported them with guidance and resources. 

So many of the friends I love to dance with started at campus tango clubs. So many teachers I deeply respect have contributed so much to starting and cultivating these clubs. Lately I am feeling concerned as I hear more and more about the struggles many tango clubs are facing in attracting membership, developing leadership, and creating continuity. 

At the same time, I have a huge amount of faith that if we work together as a community, our resourcefulness and collaboration skills can change the game and we can co-create resources to support the next generation of tango through well-supported campus clubs.  Please complete this survey and be part of that change!