I am here to share my experience and support passionate, dedicated tango community organizers who are ready to shake things up and cocreate a new, better tango world

This may be for you if:  

  • Your community is just getting started, and you have a weekly practica and a monthly milonga, and you're kindling the fire 

  • It's getting established, with two or more weekly practicas and a weekly milonga, and you want more growth and quality

  • It feels "stagnant" or "stuck" for any reason (common reasons I hear are politics, elitism, too few leaders, too many teachers, organizer burnout) 

  • Your community still brings gender stereotyping into the learning process (e.g., "men lead and women follow"), something many have found to limit a community's potential

  • You personally feel stuck and would like to look at things with fresh eyes


We can create and co-evolve the agenda together. Themes you may want to explore: 

  • Your overall strategy for learning community design

  • Developing partnerships in teaching and community building: partners, co-teachers, assistants, buddies

  • Types of curricula, including invisible curricula

  • Complementary formats, beyond the group class: labs, courses

  • Peer- and mission-based learning systems

  • Developing rubrics for learning community alignment

  • Relationship-based vs content-based learning 

  • Applying the framework for cocreative community design

  • Model for catalyzing involvement, ownership, cocreation

  • Technology to support your learning approach


  • 20-minute consultation - Free

  • Single session - $150

  • Six sessions - $750 ($125/session)

  • Ten sessions - $1100 ($110/session) 

Really changing the game for you and your community is a unique personal journey and partnership project.

Please connect with me so we can explore needs and expectations to develop a plan that will work for all.

Reach me at mitra@oxygentango.com or (310) 854-2466. I look forward to hearing from you and working together. Sincerely, Mitra