How can we co-create change? 

Improvising skillfully through these changing times connects us to deeply mysterious forces.  

The I Ching is a spiritual path that is centered on co-creating change. It exists only through practitioner's vivid involvement as an equal partner in meaning-making. It is a conversation with an endlessly friendly, generous and wise spirit.

  • When you formulate a question, you open a door in your heart. When, with your own hands, you generate an answer, you receive an otherwordly gift - one that opens your mind quantumly to that which would have been beyond the scope of your imagination.
  • When you contemplate on the gift you received and let it reverberate through all your soul you find yourself changing. When you do this over and over through your life, you find your way - or, as the I Ching would say, the Way.

Here is an Introduction to Change that presents my understanding of the basic principles of this magnificent gift to humanity.